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124: Dr. Mark Costes- Overcoming Systemization Paralysis

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mark-costesIn this episode, I discuss the best way to overcome systemization paralysis.  While we all know that creating an effective Operations Manual is one of the most important projects that any practice owner can undertake, it can be a daunting process.

In this episode, I break down three systems that can create an immediate positive impact in your practice and can be implemented immediately. The three systems are:

  1. End of Day Protocol (EODP)
  2. Down Time Protocol (DTP)
  3. Office Manager AM Protocol (OMAMP)

Integrating these three systems into your practice will give your team the tangible framework and accountability to get all of their most important tasks completed by the end of each day.

Mastering these simple systems will give the team the confidence and momentum to push through the larger task of creating the practice’s Operations Manual.


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One Response to “ 124: Dr. Mark Costes- Overcoming Systemization Paralysis ”

  1. Chan C. says:

    You bring up a great point about how systems can bring about paralysis if you dont know how to overcome the problem. Its always part of the process and keeping your business on track.