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138: Free Swipe and Deploy: Weekly Practice Progress Report

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Tactical-TuesdayI’m the first to admit that I’ve made just about every mistake that you can make in dental practice ownership and management.

In fact, my organization was so dependent upon me and my work-life balance was so out of whack, that I had to sell four of my first six practices even though they were growing and profitable.

Personally, those were pretty tough times, but the lessons that I learned have allowed me to restructure everything about the way that I run my businesses and life.

As we re-focus on growth (now up to 10 practices in our group) our team now relies on regular, structured meetings, systems calibrated amongst the offices, and a clear vision and plan to accomplish our goals and benchmarks.

In this “Tactical Tuesday,” episode of the Dentalprenuer Podcast, I discuss one of the tools that I use to clarify my expectations with my executive team, improve communication and decrease negativity and drama before it takes on a life of its own.

I’ll discuss:

  • Our Weekly Practice Progress Report and its specifics
  • The importance of integrating the habit of recognition into the core values of any practice
  • The best way to handle negativity and how to brainstorm solutions to overcome challenges
  • The most effective way to encouragement collaboration and problem solving

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