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159: This Guy Makes Demographics Sexy

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Fast food franchises get it.

Grocery stores get it.

Wal-Mart gets it.

The most successful corporate dental chains get it.

What do all of the most successful companies understand? Before they open a new location and spend their time, energy and resources on expansion, they engage in exhaustive market research and demographic analysis.

Until recently, this type of information was cost prohibitive for the average dentist to obtain.

In this episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, I interview Kent Miller, President of Dentagraphics.

During our conversation, we discuss:

  • How his innovative idea of creating a dental specific demographics company was born
  • The ideal dentist/patient ratios to look for when selecting a location
  • The difference between area analysis and multi-site comparisons
  • How to utilize his service to analyze your competition, find a favorable first location or expand into multiple practice ownership


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One Response to “ 159: This Guy Makes Demographics Sexy ”

  1. Doug H. DDS says:

    It is hard to say how you target clients is very important to any type of business. Having that one special way to get your message accross and have them choice your services is what everyone is trying to do. Thanks for helping.