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162: Creating an Effective Onboarding Process

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You had a vacancy in your team.

After months of searching, it looks like you may have finally found just the right fit.

Uh oh…now what?

If you’re like most dentists, the typical routine involves having the new employee “shadow” the departing team member or another member of your team, until they “get it.” In fact, this is exactly how I brought on new employees for years.

Bad News: this is NOT an effective method of training.

But don’t beat yourself up- most dentists that I speak to admit that they do not have an effective training and onboarding process for their new hires.

In this episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, I chat with our Regional Manager and head of in office consulting, Kiera Dent on how to effectively train and transition a new team member into your practice.

During our conversation, we discuss:

  • How to avoid creating overlapping responsibilities
  • The best way to clarify roles to enhance work place flow and efficiency
  • How to use times of team member transition to refine the systems and protocols within a practice
  • How to sharpen your delegation skills with each new hire


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One Response to “ 162: Creating an Effective Onboarding Process ”

  1. Henry P. says:

     Hiring new people really can be a dream if you have all the right peices in place before hand. Thanks for helping share with it takes to get good people.