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175: Your Last Day of Clinical Dentistry

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clinical dentistryImagine it’s your very last day of clinical dentistry.

You rack your handpiece, take your foot off of the rheostat and walk out of the operatory.

You’ve finally finished a chapter of your life that’s been decades in the making…

Now what? (Hint: I’m not just talking to late career dentists)

In today’s episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, I answer this question posed by a listener who is facing the above scenario, well before his time.

In just his early forties, Dr. Will’s doctors suggest that he finds a second career, because within three years, he will likely be physically unable to continue to practice dentistry.

During this episode, I discuss:

  • Whether or not selling your practice at its peak is the best plan for early retirement from clinical dentistry
  • The options open to any dentist once his or her clinical career comes to an end
  • Several different potential avenues to replace clinical production
  • “Low impact Dentistry” and how to integrate it into your practice
  • Why focusing on overhead and cash flow could be the most important practice to master when you are preparing for transition out of clinical dentistry


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