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180: Multiple Practice Owner Rapid Fire

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All the magic happens at Cocktail Hour.

I honestly believe that the most valuable part of any live event happens outside of the formal lectures and presentations.

Strolling the exhibitor’s hall, chatting at lunch or dinner, standing at the bar after the event… these are some of the places where I’ve met future business partners, associates, and preferred vendors.

In this episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, I interview an impromptu group of new friends, all whom either own or work in multiple practices.

During our conversation (at cocktail hour of course), we discuss:

  • How to leverage supplier and vendor relationships to your advantage
  • The tangible benefits to creating a world-class company culture
  • How being a “Spreadsheet Nerd” gives you a distinct competitive advantage in practice ownership
  • Insider tactics from multiple practice owners to maximize employee output and performance
  • How small groups are able to afford a well paid executive team


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