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The Four Essentials to Dental Practice Success

Dear Doctor,

Over the years of coaching and consulting dentists, I’ve determined four traits that most top dentists posses.  I call them, “The Four Essentials” and I believe that these traits separate the top earning dentists from the struggling masses. Here they are:

1. You have to be an action taker.

Most dentists are perfectionists. But in the business of dentistry, things will never be perfect.

The biggest factors to achieving success are the ability to take imperfect action and being able to implement quickly. The individuals who take action the fastest and most often are the most likely to be successful.

See, even in the best case scenario, nothing will ever be perfect.

 So… if you’re waiting for all of the stars to align, to save up more money, or for the “economic storm” to pass before taking action… then you’ll never become an elite dental practice.

 2. You’ve got to have an open mind.

If you open up the yellow pages or any newspaper or magazine, you’ll see a lot of the same types of dental ads.

Visit any ten dental offices and at nine of them you’ll receive the same old ho-hum experience.

Separating your practice from the masses takes an open mind and the willingness to step away from the accepted norms of our profession.

This may include radically changing the way that you market your practice.

It may include borrowing some strategies from the hospitality or other industries.

It may include modeling dental practices that consistently achieve phenomenal results.

This may push the limits of your comfort zone.

That’s when you know you’re making real progress.

3. You must have thick skin.

Doing anything that is different from the masses takes courage.

You have to expect to take some criticism as you start to separate yourself from the pack.

Hostility may come your way stemming from jealousy, envy or ignorance.

Your ultimate goal should be to provide the best care to your patients and to be the best provider for your family and loved ones. If you can accomplish this while making a positive difference in world, it shouldn’t matter if you make some people uncomfortable.

4. You must be crystal clear about what drives you.

Striving to be the very best in your profession is going to take work… lots and lots of hard work.

When things go wrong, and they definitely will, you’ve got to be crystal clear about the reasons why you want to succeed.

Without a strong enough WHY, you’ll never push through the challenging times without giving up and settling for less.

Does being the best provider for your family drive you?

Do you want more freedom and less stress?

You’ve got to be absolutely crystal clear about what you’re doing it all for and commit wholeheartedly to it.

If you’re consistently falling short of your goals, you simply don’t have a strong enough WHY.

The fastest and most predictable formula for success in life and in business is learning from your own mistakes, learning from the mistakes of others and modeling the most successful people.

Before you can begin to adopt and emulate the tactics and strategies of the world’s top dentists, you’ve got to begin thinking like them. The “Four Essentials” are a good start.

With a strong foundation, the correct philosophy and a workable plan, any dentist can join the ranks of the top dentists in the world.

All the Best,
Mark Costes, DDS

Dental Success Institute

The Rock Star Dentist

Dear Doctor,

I’d like to introduce you to Dr. James. He is the most successful dentist on the face of the earth.

James is well known, almost famous in his local market. He can’t go anywhere in his home town without being recognized and greeted.

His friends have endeared him as “The Rock Star Dentist.”

His patients trust and respect him. They tell everyone they know about his amazing service and gentle touch. In fact, for James, referrals are his best source of new patients.

James’s patients are the most loyal in town because he doesn’t simply deliver excellent care, he also delivers an experience that they can’t get anywhere else.

He and his team have one unified objective… To deliver the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE for each and every patient who calls or enters the practice.

James doesn’t sell DENTISTRY. He sells OUTCOMES.

And that is what differentiates James from his competitors. While most dentists focus on price and services rendered, James focuses on OUTCOMES and EXPERIENCE. This distinction puts him in a category of one.

By now you probably realize that James doesn’t exist.

He is a mythical creature- a figment of my imagination.

But there are many dentists that are just like James that actually DO exist. These “Elite” Dentists have hugely successful businesses, great (multiple six and seven figure) incomes and have personal satisfaction and freedom because they are not slaves to their practices.

Some might think that these dentists simply got lucky or might have just
stumbled across a secret that got them to this high level of success.

The truth is, they built their businesses on these six core pillars of success.

1. They are excellent dentists. (I’m assuming that you are too)
But more than that, they deliver an ULTIMATE experience; making
their patients feel appreciated, recognized and valued

2. They are expert marketers of their services. None of them however, started off this way. They became expert marketers because they put in the time, money, effort, and
sweat to learn these skills.

3. They don’t blame the economy, their family or anyone else for their station in life. They CREATE their own economy (and it doesn’t resemble the doom and gloom reported by the media.)

4. They understand the value of a list. They all maintain an email (and most likely
a snail mail) list of patients, prospects, inactive patients, and business
contacts that they consistently deliver value, content, and offers to.

5. They don’t run their businesses… they run their systems and
processes and the systems and processes run their businesses.

6. They have taken the time to analyze which tasks generate the most income, focus on those and delegate out the rest.

James, the most successful dentist in the world does not exist… but YOU DO.

And YOU have every opportunity to join the ranks of the most
successful and highest earning dentists on the planet.

YOU have access to every tool, resource, and system available
to help you get there.

And I’m here to help.

All the Best,
Mark Costes, DDS

Dental Success Institute

You are the Educational Elite

Dear Doctor,

Did you know that as a dentist you are in the top 2.94% of educated people in the country? As we get further along in our practice lives, it is very common to forget all of the hard work and sacrifice that it took to get those three letters after our names.

For most of us, our DDS or DMD took a minimum of eight long years of late nights, early mornings, time away from family, hours of study and clinical practice with ZERO income.

Doing what we do, day in and day out… the routine nature of it all… sometimes it’s easy to lose sight of what it took to get to this place. Remember that you’ve accomplished what 97% of the population is incapable of doing or unwilling to do.

So, there are two questions that I pose to all of you out there…

Was it all worth it?

Would you do it again?

Sadly, surveys have shown that less than half of practicing dentists would select dentistry as a profession if they were to do it all again.

Although this surprising statistic isn’t easily explained, I’ve interviewed many dentists in my years as a dental business coach. What I have learned is that many dentists feel undercompensated, over worked and over stressed.

If you think about it, we were pretty much set up for failure from the very beginning of our careers. Many of us were literally released into the world of private practice ownership with nothing more than a token semester of “practice management” under our belts.

It’s no wonder that so many dentists end up with struggling practices, completely disenchanted with the profession.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

From what I’m witnessing out in the trenches, our profession has a serious self esteem issue.

I’m here to stand up and remind dentists out there that YOU are part of the educational elite.

Obtaining your doctorate took a level of intelligence, focus and determination that most people in this world simply do not have.

With the right plan, the correct information, and a solid team behind you, it only takes a fraction of the effort that it took to get your degree to propel you to the elite levels of our profession.

My mission is to help dentists regain their passion for dentistry by providing them with the tools to grow their businesses and to spend more time away from the office.

So if you’re ready to get off of the dental practice treadmill, then stay tuned. I’ll be sharing all of the tactics and strategies that I’ve used to build my six practice, multimillion dollar dental empire.

Remember, all of the best athletes, business professionals and human beings have mentors and coaches. It’s time to stop trying to do this alone.

The practice and lifestyle of your dreams awaits…

All the Best,
Mark Costes, DDS

Dental Success Institute