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Recession, Election, Fiscal Cliff…

Dear Doctor,

Regardless if you’re a glass is half empty or glass is half full kind of person, there are some HUGE events taking place in the world right now.

In all of my years as a dentist and business owner I’ve never seen such a collective retraction by so many at one time.

There is definitely a great deal of uncertainty and fear in the marketplace right now and even if you are an extremely optimistic person, it’s hard not to get swept up in the storm of negativity that’s swirling among us.

So, what is the secret to not just “Hanging in there,” but actually growing, expanding and profiting during these uncertain times?

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  • Develop an abundance mindset- People with a scarcity mindset believe that money and resources are limited and that everything is acquired at the expense of someone else.  It is a win-lose mentality. Those with an abundance mindset believe that there are enough resources for everyone and that more can always be created. Abundance thinkers posses a win-win mentality and believe that true prosperity comes from delivering a service or product with a higher value than someone paid for it.
  • Go on a media diet- Bad news sells. The mainstream media peddles fear and pessimism. If you are constantly watching, listening to, or reading what is being reported by the major media outlets, you will eventually adopt their perspective. Try taking a break from television, radio or printed news. You will be amazed at how quickly your outlook will change and how much lighter you’ll feel. Regardless of media spin, it’s important to remember that there’s always more positive than negative happening in the world.
  • Refine your systems- Here’s the bottom line: Dental offices that lack effective systems are chaotic, stressful and not very profitable. Every single aspect of your practice must have a written and trackable system. Yes, it takes time and effort to create and implement these systems but once they are in place, everything will improve. If you can’t find the time to implement new systems, hire a coach and get it done. You can’t bypass this step and expect to get your practice to the next level.
  • Expand your skill set- I built six successful practices on bread and butter dentistry.  Since then, I’ve expanded my repertoire and now perform many more high value procedures such as placing and restoring dental implants. Now that we’ve integrated implants into our schedule, we’ve blow through previous benchmarks and look to continue the trend into 2013 and beyond.
  • Become magnetic- The ability to be able to attract a flood of new patients at will is one of the most important skills that all elite practice owners have mastered. Applying basic laws of marketing and positioning that few dentists know about can propel your practice to the top 1%.
  • Get a coach or mentor and surround yourself with successful, like-minded people- All of the world’s greatest athletes,  business people and achievers rely on coaches and mentors to help them achieve and maintain a high level of performance. Dentists are no different. Those who have risen to the top can thank mentors for helping them to achieve their exceptional results.

On February 21-22, 2013 some of our profession’s most influential leaders will be speaking at a truly unique and intimate event.

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Mark Costes, DDS
Dental Success Institute