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220: Car Cast Nebraska

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NebraskaIn this episode of the Dentalpreneur podcast, listen to Dr. Costes break at least a half dozen Nebraska traffic laws as he podcasts while driving his rental car.

This is a good one!


219: Debt, Partnerships and Developing your Clinical Suite- University of Nebraska School of Dentistry

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NebraskaDr. David Dunning is a visionary- and for over two decades, he has been the Practice Management professor at the University of Nebraska School of Dentistry.

Over that time, Dr. Dunning’s curriculum has evolved to include simulations that expose his students to real-life practice scenarios and help them to develop the knowledge base to become effective future practice owners.

In this episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, I play a Q & A session with Dr. Dunning’s D4 class following a more formal presentation on the benefits and challenges of dental practice ownership.

Here is some of what we covered:

  • How to secure a good associateship before you obtain the clinical skill to make yourself a valuable addition to a dental team
  • Which clinical procedures should all new dentists master in order to secure their value in the marketplace
  • How to approach debt and savings in the early stages of your career
  • Which is more important when hiring an office manager- personality or dental experience?


218: Ownership: Benefits and Challenges Part 2

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In this episode, I play part 2 of my presentation entitled, Your Professional Journey Part 1 that I gave to the students at the Missouri School of Dentistry and Oral Health.

In this second half of the presentation, I cover:

  • How to calculate attrition rate versus new patients
  • How to track and improve treatment plan case acceptance rate
  • The importance of focusing on reappointment rate at following each dental appointment
  • Production per exam, and how the number of exams performed per doctor affects case acceptance


217: Ownership: Benefits and Challenges Part 1

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This week my travels took me to three dental schools in St. Louis, Omaha and Lincoln Nebraska.

In this episode, you’ll hear me talk to the student body at the Missouri School of Dentistry and Oral Health.

During the presentation entitle Your Professional Journey Part 1, I discuss:

  • The benefits and challenges to dental practice ownership
  • The due-diligence process when vetting a potential practice acquisition
  • How to calculate and track the cost per procedure in a dental office
  • The financial impact of practice ownership versus associateship


216: Car Cast: Getting Past the “Struggle”

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StruggleI do some of my best thinking while I’m driving- which is a good thing because sometimes it feels like I spend half of my life in cars and planes.

In this episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, you’ll hear Kiera Dent and I reflect on our travels, the “struggle” that so many dentists face and how to keep perspective when you are stuck in the daily whirlwind.

Check it out, it’s a fun one- and oh I forgot to mention… this was recorded while I was driving 🙂


215: Drinking from a Fire hose at Creighton University

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I recently had the privilege of being able to speak to a live audience of dental students at Creighton University School of Dentistry.

Following the presentation, I opened up the discussion to a Q and A- they asked some great questions!

Here’s a small taste:

  • Can you give us some tips for increasing case acceptance and patient loyalty?
  • How do smaller practices negotiate with vendors and labs?
  • How do you get good associate dentists to stay?
  • What’s the best way to calculate cost per procedure?


214: The Silicon Valley Bonus System

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Silicon ValleyToday I catch up with an old friend, the 3-Day Dentist himself, Dr. Chris Griffin.

During our discussion, Chris brought some great actionable content including all the details for implementing what he calls his, Silicon Valley Bonus System.

During the interview, you’ll hear:

  • How Dr. Griffin manages to get his team to happily complete tasks that have been on his to-do list for years
  • How important but not urgent projects can actually get done
  • The importance of knowing your market and catering your services to their preferences
  • How to thrive using a PPO model in your practice


213: The Counterintuitive Approach to Case Acceptance

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caseOver one-hundred new patients per month, three packed hygiene columns, two hundred plus doctor exams per month…

Sound like a recipe for success?

Not necessarily.

In this episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, I play a live presentation by the Monday Morning Dentist himself, Dr. Aaron Nicholas.

During his presentation, Aaron covers:

  • The diminishing returns that most dentists face when performing too many exams per day, week, and month
  • The subtle art of successful case presentation and the top three habits that all dentists and treatment coordinators must remember
  • The single biggest mistake that most practices make when putting an “Ideal” schedule together
  • How to develop a simple yet powerful rapport building technique that will help to build trust and rapport within minutes.


212: Avoiding the Land Mines of Practice Ownership

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In this episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, interview past guest and founder of, Dr. Cole Brenny.

Dr. Brenny, who specializes in teaching dental students and early career dentists how to run wildly successful dental practices, is one of our most popular guests in the history of the podcast.

During our discussion, Cole and I cover:

  • How the reverse-engineer your desired end goal 
  • The key to getting paid what you’re worth without compromising your passion and integrity
  • The basics to living a more intentional life
  • How to avoid becoming a “Rudderless Ship” 



211: Immediately Increase the Order and Profitability in Your Practice

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In this Tactical Tuesday episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, Kiera Dent, our in-office implementer and I chat about how to use your practice management software in conjunction with route slips to improve the efficiency and flow of any dental practice.

You’ll hear:

  •  How to utilize the route slip to fine tune your treatment plan presentations
  •  How to use the route slip as a checks and balances measure between the front and back office
  •  The best way to maximize hygiene benefits using the route slip as your guide
  •  The 10- second test and how to make your providers much more efficient