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226: Ownership in Business (and Life)

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OwnershipIn this episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, I answer some listener questions from Dr. David Bass and Dr. Richard Weber.

Specifically, I discuss:

  • The most effective way to transition from a public non- profit clinic to a private for-profit practice
  • The “clinical stack” and why it’s important to be proficient in these skills
  • The difference between the mirror and the window
  • Whether or not an attitude free of blame is intrinsic or learnable


225: The Thriving Dentist with Gary Takacs

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Gary Takacs is The Godfather of dental podcasting.

His show, the Thriving Dentist which is heard in 159 countries throughout the world, was the very first dental podcast and launched over six years ago.

Since then, over 45 dentally related podcasts have hit the airwaves.

In this episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, Gary interviews me and we discuss the joys and challenges of multiple practice ownership.

Specifically, we discuss:

  • The biggest benefits to owning a group of dental practices
  • My number one challenge in managing a large team
  • How to create and maintain a strong culture, whether you own one or multiple offices
  • How to navigate the challenges of delegation and accountability


224: Fast Track to a Debt Free Dental Practice

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DebtDebt… It’s the four letter word that sends shivers down the spines of dentists and dental students worldwide.

So, is it possible to build a single or group of dental practices with little to no debt?

In this episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, I answer a related question posed by Dr. Paul Jackson in the Dental Success Institute Facebook Group.

During the episode, I discuss:

  • Three practice deals that I was able to structure with no money down
  • How to start a dental practice for less than $5,000
  • How to trade time and energy for equity
  • My journey into multiple practice Ownership


223: Sharpening the Saw in Dallas

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In this episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, I sit down with my good friends Dr. Ben Kacos and Dr. Bryan Stimmler for a pre-dawn chat in Dallas, TX.

During our riff, we discuss:

  • The benefits and challenges of practice mergers
  • Some of our favorite books
  • Using effective verbal skills to build rapport and trust
  • The lost art of conversation


222: Finding Pearls in a Sea of White Noise

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In this episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, I tackle a question by Dr. Dustin Davis that he posted on the Dental Success Institute private Facebook Group.

He wrote:

“I’d be curious to hear how Mark Costes and others in this group are able to implement info from all of the books and podcasts you read and listen to. I feel like I am a voracious consumer of great books and podcasts, but I am not good at applying the information. It is especially hard since a lot of what I learn occurs while I am driving in the car with no easy way of taking notes.”

Tune in to hear my response!


221: Systemization, Accountability and the Glue that Holds it all Together

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On today’s show, I take you behind the curtain of an Elite Practice Mastermind event held in Washington, D.C. This small and intimate event was attended by some of our professions most successful private practice owners and their teams. As always, each attendee got the opportunity to discuss their biggest wins, challenges and upcoming goals with the group.

In this presentation, I discuss:

  • The “Four Horsemen,” of the Elite Dental Practice
  • The power of influence and how it applies to the evolution of your dental practice
  • The often overlooked trait of the world’s most successful dental practice owners
  • The resources that you must provide to your team in order to help them to reach their full potential
  • The most effective leadership styles in Elite Dental Practices

Special thanks to you for joining us. See you next time on The Dentalpreneur podcast.