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265: The VoD Mashup Part 1



The Podcasters Lounge at last weekend’s Voices of Dentistry Summit was high energy and hopping for two straight days.

Mixing and mingling were listeners, podcasters and some of dentistry’s biggest names and influencers.

In this episode, you’ll hear three separate interviews on topics ranging from advanced surgery, to practice management, to the legalities of multiple practices and practice ownership.

You’ll hear knowledge bombs dropped by none other than:

  • Dr. Baron Grutter, Dr. Samuel Cho, Dr. Darren Brower, Dr. Clayton Wainright, Chase White, Dr. Craig Hines, Dr. Kevin Frawley, and Brian Colao.



264: What’s Your Number?



If you missed the Voices of Dentistry Summit last weekend, you missed an excited and packed house at the Doubletree Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ.

The speakers line-up was loaded with some of the most popular and respected thought leaders in the dental profession.

In this episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, I’ll play my presentation entitled, the Effective Dental Practice CEO.

During my talk, you’ll hear:

  • The one universal truth that we all have to accept in our business and personal lives
  • The exercise that will help you to clarify how to get the most productivity out of every day
  • How to eliminate, automate and delegate your low value activities
  • How to block time at the right time of day to focus on your deep work


263: Backstage Secrets



Listen in to the pre Voices of Dentistry Summit excitement as I interview attendees from across the United States.  Pour yourself a cocktail and get ready for a good show!


262: Dental Nachos with Dr. Paul Goodman



Dr. Paul GoodmanJoining in today’s episode is Dr. Paul Goodman. Paul is a practicing dentist and the managing partner of a group practice with two locations along with his brother, Jeffrey, in Mercer County, NJ. Over the past ten years, Dr. Goodman had acquired three dental practices.

After graduating from the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Dentistry in 2002, he completed a GPR at Albert Einstein Medical Center in Philadelphia.

Dr. Goodman has a passion for teaching and speaking and has parlayed his interests into a vibrant online Facebook community called Dental Nachos, with over 6,000 subscribers.

During our interview, we discussed:

  • The expanding role of implants in the general practice
  • How to overcome the dread in an everyday dental practice
  • Some of the most common obstacles dentists face in practice ownership
  • How to create and manage multiple streams of dental income


261: The Future is Here- and its Bright! With Dr. Cory Glenn



Dr. Cory GlennDr. Cory Glenn is one of the hottest speakers and educators in dentistry today.

He attended dental school at the University of Tennessee Health Sciences and did a GPR at Lutheran Medical Center.

Cory has traveled and taught extensively on a variety of topics, particularly guided surgery using Blue Sky Bio software.

According to Dr. Glenn, “for the first half of my career, I did not have a CBCT and did not embrace guided surgery, mainly due to cost. The BSB software changed all that and had led me to become what I call a “recovering freehander.” I’m now a huge advocate for guided surgery and do most of my surgeries fully guided and at a cost of $20 per case.”

During our interview we discuss:

  • Guided surgery and how to integrate it into any practice
  • Digital dentures and the how this technology is changing everything we know about traditional prosth
  • How BSB software can create clear ortho aligners at a fraction of the usually lab fee
  • The future of dentistry with technology and 3-D printing


260: Creating the “Super OM”



Super OMJoining us today is our in-office implementer and world traveler, Kiera Dent.

During our time together, Kiera’s and I discuss a new secret weapon that she’s developed to get your front office and OMs to the next level.

We discuss:

  • The biggest challenges when trying to recruit, train or hire a superstar OM
  • Why an effective on-boarding process is often overlooked
  • The reasons why it’s so difficult to define definitive roles and expectations in the OM position
  • One simple and cost effective training regime to create the “Super OM”


259: The Cold Hard Truth about Your Identity



Robert Siliano is a best-selling author and CEO of He is a security expert and private investigator committed to informing, educating and empowering people so that they can protect themselves in their everyday lives both physically and virtually.

During our chat, Robert and I discuss:

  • His brush with death as a runner in the Boston marathon on April 15, 2013
  • Simple steps to protect yourself from a dental practice data breach
  • How to protect your identity from being compromised
  • Why software updates are necessary to to prevent cyber theft
  • The quick precautions to take to secure your passwords from online predators


258: Formulaic Growth Strategies with Dr. Addison Killeen



Dr. Addison KilleenIn this episode I interview Dr. Addison Killeen- practicing dentist, educator and multiple practice owner.

Addison has six practices in Lincoln, Nebraska and his group is in the process of assembling a solid management team.

During our chat, Addison and I discuss:

  • How his background in the restaurant industry helps him to effectively manage his dental practices
  • How he went from zero to $6M in revenue in a relatively short period of time
  • Why giving back is such an integral part of Addison’s mission
  • How teaching dental students how to operate a practice helps his own operation expand


257: Life and Dentistry



In this episode, I interview Dr. Cole Hackett and Dr. Joe Blalock from the Life and Dentistry Podcast.

This podcast is made up of a group of new dentists who recently graduated from the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry.

According to the founders,” We are a group of close friends that helped each other through the tough times of dental school and are now doing the same as we start our careers as dentists. Our mission is to help our listeners navigate through the world of dentistry as we do ourselves.”

During our chat, we discussed:

  • The challenges facing new dentists in many areas of the profession
  • The difference a peer group can make for your emotional, spiritual and physical well being
  • The Life and Dentistry Summit and the genesis of the event
  • How to shorten the learning curve in clinical and practice management development


256: Are you an Inspired Dentist?



Inspired DentistIn this episode, I interview “The Inspired Dentist” herself, Dr. Shakila Angadi.

Dr. Angadi is a social and emotional intelligence coach who helps dentists unpeel the layers of expectation and fear to optimize time and thought.

During our conversation we discuss:

  • How to develop the mental agility necessary to thrive in a stressful profession
  • The strategies for exercising your brain for optimal function
  • The secrets to avoiding burnout and fatigue
  • How self awareness and social intelligence can help to minimize stress related health and emotional issues