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286: Our Membership Plan is Legal

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membershipJordon Comstock, founder of and host of the Navigating Dental Insurance Podcast, is a longtime friend of the show. Today, he’s back to talk about new found legislation and the exciting future of in-house membership plans.

During our time together we discuss:

  • Direct Primary Care law and how it applies to dental membership plans
  • The specific steps needed to set up and start a membership plan
  • How you may be able to bypass insurance regulation through a medical retainer agreement
  • Jordon’s recommended verbiage to use with these plans

285: Patient Flow and Profitability- Tips from Down Undah

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Today I have the pleasure of chatting with an old friend, Angus Pryor.

Angus spent more than a decade in sales and marketing with dentists, physicians, and vets after obtaining his Master’s in marketing from the University of Southern Queensland. He is the founder of Dental Profit System and author of “The Dental Practice Profit System – 5 Steps to Higher Patients and Higher Profits.”

During our conversation, we discuss:

  • How Angus was able to grow his personal business
  • The five steps covered in his bestselling book
  • Angus’ “Awesome Foursome” external marketing strategies
  • How to identify and target your practice avatar

284: The Win-Win Partnership Strategy with Dr. Josh Cochran

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In this episode I interview the generous and incredibly successful Dr. Josh Cochran.

Josh attended the University of Washington where he earned a degree in finance before getting his DDS at the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health. He now runs a very profitable 3.5 year old start up in Spokane, Washington.

During our time together, we discuss:

  • How Josh was able to grow a start up in a saturated market to $250,000 in monthly collections
  • Josh’s why and how has influenced his business’s growth
  • How to create a win-win for dentists through partnerships
  • Why empowerment is the path to freedom for any business owner

283: DO NOT Attempt this Alone

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Dentist are notorious do-it-yourselfers, which can sometimes save money.

But when the task is outside of our area of expertise, doing it alone can end up being very costly in the long run.

In this episode, I interview Brian Madden from Carr Healthcare Realty.

During our chat, we discuss:

  • The inherent problems with dual representation
  • The hidden traps in a commercial real estate lease
  • What elements that should always be negotiated in a commercial lease
  • When is the best time to negotiate your renewal

282: The Dental X-Factor

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In this solo episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast I discuss the X-Factor for dental practice success.

This is the last episode recorded live from the beach in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

This is a good one – enjoy!


281: Building a Real Business

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BusinessIn this solo episode, I talk about how to build a more sophisticated business through team growth meetings, systemization, and calculating cost per procedure.

It’s short, actionable, and worth a listen!


280: The Practice of Dentistry According to the Legend, Dr. Steve Rasner

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Dr. Steve RasnerToday I get the privilege of chatting it up with my friend and legend in dentistry, Dr. Steve Rasner.

Steve runs a fee for service dental practice that collects $4.5M in a blue collar neighborhood.

During our time together, we discuss:

  • Steve’s advice for dental students and young doctors
  • The new hands on course that Steve is teaching
  • Why communication and patient experience trumps clinical skill
  • How to engineer exponential sustained practice growth

279: Is Your Hygiene Department Inspired?

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Today I interview Rachel Wall RDH, founder of Inspired Hygiene.

Rachel has 25 years of clinical hygiene experience and us a highly decorated speaker, coach and influencer to the dental profession.

During our time together, we discuss:

  • How to create a culture of ownership inside of your hygiene department
  • How to focus on the patient’s best interest while also creating a profitable hygiene department
  • Adjunct services and when they can effectively and ethically increase production
  • How to integrate assisted hygiene in to a dental practice

278: Average Sucks!



In this solo episode I answer one of the most frequently asked questions regarding running a dental practice: “How do I lower my overhead?!”