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291: Outside of your Comfort Zone with Grady Gores

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Grady GoresIn this episode I sit down with our DSI intern and soon-to-be dental student, Grady Gores.

Grady and I met after a presentation I gave to the dental students at Creighton University. He came up to me, resume in hand, and asked if he could come out to AZ and intern at DSI- for free. Fast forward a couple months and here we are. Grady has spent the last few weeks cutting up content, helping set up for the summit, and hanging out at HQ.

During the episode we discuss,

  • How Grady was able to land an internship at DSI
  • Why someone would work for free
  • How his masters forced him to learn a tough lesson in self-discipline
  • His three biggest takeaways from his time with us

290: Keeping it Fresh after Decades of Growth

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GrowthToday, I get to catch up with my good buddy Dr. Aaron Nicholas.

Aaron is a full time practicing dentist, speaker, and dental practice performance coach.

During or chat, we discuss:

  • Aaron’s journey from conference attendee to professional speaker
  • New ideas for structuring a trial partner contract
  • How to continue a growth trajectory after decades of practice ownership
  • The procedures that most dentists should try to keep in-house
  • Details for Aaron’s upcoming live CE course

289: The Human Side of Analytics

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AnalyticsToday I have the pleasure of sitting down with our very own Jake Conway to debrief the Dental Success Summit 2018. Jake has the unique perspective of analyzing the numbers for hundreds of dental practices all over the country and beyond. He is our CFO at DSI and founder of Custom Analytics.

During our time together we discuss,

  • Common themes and insights gained during over 30 one on one meetings with practice owners during DSS 2018
  • How to achieve 27% net growth in one year
  • The amazing story of this year’s transformation contest winner, Dr. Charlotte Milch
  • The one number every practice owner needs to know

288: AM Insights from 6,500 feet

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In today’s solo episode I bring you along on part of my miracle morning in my hometown of Prescott, AZ. The framework I use for my morning ritual is borrowed from Hal Elrod, a friend and previous guest of the show.

During this episode I discuss,

  • The answer to the question I am most commonly asked
  • 6 things I do every day as part of my morning routine
  • The importance of gratitude and I few things I am currently feeling grateful for

287: Spear Education Setting The Bar For CE With Adam McWethy

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Adam McWethyIn today’s episode, I have the pleasure talking with Spear Education’s Adam McWethy. Adam holds a master in human resources and industrial relations from the University of Minnesota with an emphasis in adult learning and organizational design. He began his career as the founder of a high end, in home physical training company, and now serves as the Vice President of marketing at Spear.

During our conversation, we discuss:

  • The importance of maximizing your current facility before expanding
  • Spear’s three goals for every dentist they work with
  • The two things that generate the most online reviews
  • How to create a culture of implementation through small wins