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347: Whimsical Whiskey Wednesday

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DSIAshlee, Jake, and I grab some whiskey and the mics for a little DSI merrymaking. Jake bought a house! Ashlee is getting married! Pour yourself a cocktail and listen in as we get caught up on life.

During our time together, we discuss:

  • My future as a clinical dentist
  • Some of the upcoming events scheduled at the DSN training facility
  • Jake’s new house and why Ashlee can’t move in
  • Our new associates and the onboarding process we are putting them through

346: Killing The Paper Monster Part 2

clinical hygiene


Dr. Gina DorfmanWelcome back to part two with Dr. Gina Dorfman. In the last episode we covered the beginnings of her career and the genesis of Yapi. Go back and give it a listen if you haven’t already! Today we get into a few specifics solutions Yapi offers and how Dr. Dorfman has been able to accomplish so much in her career without comprising her relationships.

During this part two episode, we discuss:

  • The consent form vault
  • Automated reviews and protecting your practice from negative people
  • The training process of implementing Yapi
  • Prioritizing tasks to get things done
  • Going totally paperless in your practice

345: Killing The Paper Monster Part 1

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Dr. Gina DorfmanDr. Gina Dorfman graduated from USC in 2000 and went on to open her own practice in 2002. Her entrepreneurial spirit led to some rapid growth as she added an associate in each of the following two years. She went on to open another practice in 2006 and launch Yet Another Practice Interface (Yapi) in 2011.

During our time together, we discuss:

  • The difference between knowing how to do it and getting it done
  • Creating a compelling vision to hold your team accountable to your systems
  • The truly paperless office
  • Cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset
  • Some of the solutions Yapi offers

344: How David Crushes Goliath

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Dr. Heimir HallgrimssonToday we have an episode from the archives. I had the pleasure of interviewing the head coach  of the Icelandic national soccer team, Dr. Heimir Hallgrimsson, after their incredible run in Euro 2016. When he is not coaching soccer, Dr. Hallgrimsson is a practicing dentist in his hometown of  Vestmannaeyiar. Throughout our conversation, Dr. Hallgrimsson shares insights from his incredible experiences coaching some of the world’s top athletes through struggles, triumphs, challenges, and life.

During our time together, we discuss:

  • How Iceland has cultivated success in soccer despite its comparatively tiny population
  • The importance of knowing your identity and committing to playing your game
  • The mindset needed to block out poor odds and overcome great challenges
  • How experiences in dentistry have aided his coaching career
  • Similarities and differences of dentistry in Iceland and the US
  • Why focusing on the individual is the trick to leading a truly great team

343: And The Winner Is? DATA

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Metrics Monday: Addison Killeen and Kevin Rossen are on the show this week to take us through the process of calculating cost per procedure. Using a crown as an example, we discuss a couple different methods of calculation and a few decisions that should be influenced by this knowledge.

During our time together, we discuss:

  • Everything that goes into calculating cost per procedure
  • The cost difference between impressions and scanning a crown
  • How an in house milling unit changes the cost of a crown
  • Why a couple more crowns a month outweighs a small increase in cost

342: Think Tank – Advanced Analytics Part 2

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Think TankWelcome back to part two from the Advanced Analytics Think Tank. During this part of the presentation I explain some of the numbers I pull from the second and third data silos, talk about a few of the targets I like to hit in my practices, and take some questions from the audience.

During this part two episode, I discuss:

  • The benefits of tracking new patients, reactivated patients, and emergency patients
  • How to turn non-producers into producers with an effective morning huddle report
  • Tuning the hygiene department
  • Paying production on prepaid services (discount plans)
  • Marketing data and calculating ROI based on 30 days of data

341: Think Tank – Advanced Analytics

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Think Tank“There’s an epic failure within the game to find out what’s really happening”
Today we are pulling back the curtain on the Advanced Analytics Think Tank. Jake Conway recently brought together some great minds including Kevin Rossen, Michael Lomotan, and Alastair MacDonald to take a deep dive into the world of practice analytics and discuss how we can take our practices to the next level. On the show today we’re playing a segment of my presentation on a new concept I call Data Silos.

During this episode, I discuss:

  • The importance of compensating your team well
  • When someone is ready to start looking for their second practice
  • Mining for data and finding undervalued assets
  • The three Data Silos
    1. Fixed and variable expenses
    2. Practice management software
    3. Departmental data

340: New Blood with Dr. Jonathan Park

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Dr. Jonathan Park joins the show today after spending some time in Arizona checking out Horizon Dental Group. He recently graduated from Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine, and is considering joining our team.

During our time together, we discuss:

  • Dr. Park’s opportunity at Horizon Dental Group
  • The clinical education he received at Southern Illinois University
  • The school’s practice management resources
  • The overall mood toward practice management in dental school
  • Dr. Park’s previous career

339: Poise in the Midst of the Whirlwind

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Keeping your goals readily accessible is powerful. So is the whirlwind. On this addition of Tactical Tuesday, I share with you one of my strategies for keeping my goals top of mind. The Foundations and Growth worksheet is a tool I use for every single one of my practices that allows me to quickly review everything I’m striving to do over the next four years in that particular practice.

During the episode today, I discuss:

  • The elite dental practice pentagon
  • Why your foundational principles are the foundation on which you will build you
  • The four things I keep right next to my goals
  • A few books on radical differentiation

338: Missing The Call For Opportunity

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Metrics MondayMetrics Geeks Michael Lomotan and Kevin Rossen are back to explain why we should all strive to never miss a phone call. During our conversation we get into the timing of missed calls and how we may be able to limit the number of calls sent to voicemail in our offices. We end today with a new metric that suggests all calls may not be created equal.

During this addition of Metrics Monday, we discuss:

  • Production per patient per year and what you’re missing if you miss a call
  • Potential solutions such as online booking and outsourcing phones after hours
  • Volume of phone calls as a function of time
  • Why the type of missed phone call is worth paying attention to
  • Scoring team members on the phones