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209: Is Business-Life Balance a Myth?

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All practice owners and ultra-achievers understand the pressures of balancing the priorities of our business and personal lives.

In this episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast, Dental Success Institute’s in-office implementer, Kiera Dent and I riff about the challenges of life on the road, creating a “Purpose Driven” dental practice, and the importance of recognition in building a rock solid practice culture.

Kiera’s unique perspective comes from working with dental practice teams throughout the United States (35 states so far this year to be exact). With that kind of a workload and time away from family and friends, working on personal goals and development can sometimes take a backseat to the clients that we serve.

Tune in to hear how we navigate the balancing act that our lives have become.

This is a fun one- enjoy!


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