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291: Outside of your Comfort Zone with Grady Gores

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Grady GoresIn this episode I sit down with our DSI intern and soon-to-be dental student, Grady Gores.

Grady and I met after a presentation I gave to the dental students at Creighton University. He came up to me, resume in hand, and asked if he could come out to AZ and intern at DSI- for free. Fast forward a couple months and here we are. Grady has spent the last few weeks cutting up content, helping set up for the summit, and hanging out at HQ.

During the episode we discuss,

  • How Grady was able to land an internship at DSI
  • Why someone would work for free
  • How his masters forced him to learn a tough lesson in self-discipline
  • His three biggest takeaways from his time with us
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