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294: What’s The Life Span Of Your Restorations?

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Jared Parente“What happens if my restoration fails?” When asked this question most of us respond with something along the lines of “we’ll take care of you” or “I’ll make it right.” It’s the honest truth, but it leaves the patient with a lot of ambiguity.

My guest today, Jared Parente is innovating the way we insure the quality of our work in the dental profession. As the CEO of Dental Warranty, Jared seeks to increase the peace-of-mind and prosperity of dentists and their patients by protecting smiles. Dental Warranty has partnered with almost 1,000 dental practices to protect over 500,000 patients’ dental work no matter what, where, or why.

During our time together, we discuss:

  • How failed restorations can end in a win-win
  • A new way to increase the revenue of your practice
  • How failed treatment can be made right, even if your patient has moved away
  • A way to get your full fee for retreating your own failed work
  • Coaching your team on how to present this warranty plan
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