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309: Selling your Practice , Dentistry and Nachos Part 1

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Dr. Dental Nachos brought down the house at the Dental Success Summit 2018. Today we’ll hear part one of his hilarious presentation. He had the house rockin as he covered everything from practice transitions to dental parenting school.

Dr. Goodman is a practice owner and broker in the Philadelphia area. He moderates a very vibrant Facebook group, Dental Nachos, and co-hosts the Dental Amigos Podcast.

During part one of his presentation, Dr. Goodman discusses:

  • Life’s milestones and the idea of dental parenting school
  • What having a dental practice and a three-year- old have in common
  • How unity and collaboration can increase the success of all dentists
  • The three things needed for a successful transition
    Transfer of Goodwill
  • Why practice brokers are potentially problematic
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