True Dental Success Institute

327: Equity and Building a Regional Group

clinical hygiene


single practiceKalpesh Bohara and Raha Sepehrara join me to explain how they grew their single practice (operating only two days a week) into a three location, multi-surgical operation. While studying in Scotland, my friends Kalpesh (Kal) and Raha first met. They went on to get married, have two children, and move to the UK where they currently practice in the East Midlands. As their practices grew, they began to focus on specialty procedures, specifically implant surgery, cosmetics, and orthodontics. Kal and Raha’s empire has continued to grow to the point that they have both taken on administrative roles in business analytics and human resources, respectively.

During our time together, we discuss:

  • How having a family changes the pursuit of multiple practices
  • Leveraging associates to create personal freedom
  • Giving a marketing director equity
  • How to pair training with calibration through communication
  • Strategies for creating brand awareness
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