True Dental Success Institute

335: Multiple Practices – Multiple Perspectives

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MultipleHunter Smith, Addison Killeen, and Dave Bender join us today for a conversation about multiple practice ownership, growth, and infrastructure. This episode comes from a live interview at the Dental Success Summit during which I tried to pull insights, ideas, and best practices from a few guys that are well versed in the field of multiple practice ownership.

During our time together, we discuss:

  • The initial catalyst for their growth into multiple practice ownership
  • What they are doing to ‘recession proof’ their groups
  • Access to capital and how it changes as you grow your group
  • The cost of losing an associate and the rise of the partnership model
  • Infrastructure and how they’ve formed their organizational charts
  • The difference between marketing directors and marketing managers
  • What needs to be in order before moving on to a second location
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