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373: Case Acceptance, Communication, and Persuasion with Dr. Chris Phelps Part 1

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Dr. Chris PhelpsDo you ever feel like it is difficult to get people to do what you want? Dr. Chris Phelps is on the show today to offer some insight on how to influence those around you. Dr. Phelps is an incredibly successful author, entrepreneur, and practice owner. He founded Golden Goose and Call Tracker ROI simply by creating solutions to problems he was experiencing in his own dental practice. Dr. Phelps is also a certified Cialdini expert and often speaks about the principles of influence, persuasion, and pre-suasion.

During our conversation, we discuss:

  • The difference between persuasion and pre-suasion
  • How to create rather than compete with your patients’ mindset
  • Using the principles of commitment and consistency in your dental practice
  • Dr. Phelps’ exceptionally effective referral system
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