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375: The Fastest Road to Career Fulfilment with Dr. Aaron Nicholas

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Dr. Aaron NicholasMy good friend Dr. Aaron Nicholas joins me today for some reflection on our time in the Dominican Republic. We both gave a ton on our mission trip, but agree that we gained so much more.This was my rookie year with this group, and I was thrown into the prost department to make same day dentures. After building system after system, cross training all of the students, and five long days of hard work, over 100 people in this country have a brand new set of teeth. The reward and fulfillment from seeing their reaction and gratitude for our work was of far greater value than anything I could have done for them, and the reason I know I will be back next year.

During our time together, we discuss

  • Developing trust in patients so they will allow you to provide them with the care they need
  • Creating systems on the fly to increase capacity and finish on time
  • Struggling with having to turn people away at the end of the trip
  • The joys of connecting with the people and making a difference in their life
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