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361: Master This And All Else Follows Part 1

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Dr. Chris BowmanToday, I had the pleasure of sitting down with my good friend Dr. Chris Bowman. Dr. Bowman owns a primarily FFS practice in Charlotte, NC. He is also a speaker and coach on the topics of communication, marketing, and report building. Throughout the interview, Dr. Bowman drops valuable tips and tricks that could easily be implemented in any office.

During the show, we discuss:

  • Why patients say no to treatment
  • Strategies for shy doctors on becoming excellent communicators
  • What the Orkin man has to do with case acceptance
  • How Dr. Bowman has created consistent, year over year growth in his practice
  • The number one goal of every patient phone call

360: Welcome To The Jungle

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Live from the Dominican Republic! Dr. Aaron Nicholas and I sit down for some reflection. Dr. Nicholas shares the origin and history of this trip, its evolution, and how rewarding it is to have something like this literally become part of your life.

During our time together, we discuss:

  • What Dr. Nicholas has learned from over two decades of mission trips to the Dominican Republic
  • How the trip has evolved over the years
  • The type of dentistry we have been doing and the impact it has made on these communities
  • Why a mission trip might be exactly what you need if you’re feeling burned out

359: The Effective Dental Practice Owner with Dr. Russell Kirk and Dr. Mark Costes

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Dr. Russell KirkIn this episode of the Dentalpreneur podcast, I’m interviewed by my good friend, oral surgeon and fellow podcaster Dr. Russell Kirk.

During our discussion, we chat about:

  • How to expand from a single practice to multiple locations
  • The journey from novice to expert in business ownership
  • The habits that most high performers share
  • The most common challenges in balancing business growth and family life

358: Education and Empowerment in the Hygiene Department

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Hygiene DepartmentMetrics Monday special guest Kiera Dent joins us today to share some new ways to track metrics in the hygiene department. In this episode, her presents a tracking system in which each hygienist is responsible for updating their own numbers at the end of the day. The genius in this system is not only that is makes it easy to see how the hygiene department is running, but it holds each hygienist accountable for their individual goals.

During our time together, we discuss:

  • How to create a self-managed hygiene department
  • Adding real production vs goal on the hygiene end of day protocols
  • Educating your hygienists to empower patients
  • Kiera’s preferred target percentage for fluoride therapy
  • Creating a cadence of accountability with a scoreboard
  • Using the same system for associates

357: Getting Tactical with Dr. Cole Brenny

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Cole BrennyMy good friend Cole Brenny joins the show today as a repeat guest. Dr. Brenny is a practicing dentist and coach in Minneapolis, MN. He concentrates on delivering tactical advice to new grads and young dentists, and that comes through in this interview. Dr. Brenny drops huge value throughout our conversation- if you are in dental school or a recent graduate, you need to tune in to this one!

During our time together, we discuss:

  • The transition from dental school to real world dentistry
  • Cole’s CE guide for new grads
  • The importance of finding a mentor you can trust
  • Tactical advice on the first six months after graduation
  • The power of synergy
  • How to keep your head up and not get intimidated

356: Busting Through Plateau with Heidi Mount

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Heidi MountUnfortunately, you don’t have to look far to find a frustrated or plateaued dentist. Thankfully, Heidi Mount is here to help. She is a consultant and coach that specializes in helping these dentists add $500 to their schedule tomorrow. With almost a decade of experience in the consulting game, she has proven her tools and strategies work. Today, she joins the show to share some them with us.

During the episode, we discuss:

  • How she helped close as 45k case with steak
  • Running for mayor
  • Virtual consulting
  • Why hiring right is the single most important thing
  • Empowering team members to solve problems themselves
  • The 90th birthday party exercise

355: The Oxygen of your Business

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“Money isn’t everything, but it ranks right up there is oxygen.” Zig Ziglar

Join me for my favorite part of the day, the creative portion of my morning routine. Inspired by a timeless quote from Zig Ziglar I reflected on mission driven goals, leaving a legacy, and why money is not a bad thing.

During this episode, I discuss:

  • How to motivate yourself when you’re running out of reasons to keep grinding
  • The important of mission driven goals
  • Leaving a legacy
  • Two things to focus on
  • How to dealing with the haters

354: An Inch Wide and a Mile Deep – with Kevin Rossen Part 2

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Kevin RossenWelcome back to part two of Kevin Rossen’s value packed presentation at the Advanced Analytics Think Tank. He keeps the insights coming as he unveils some more results from his recent data studies.

During his presentation, Kevin discusses:

  • The percentage of your hygiene patients that should be getting perio treatment
  • Why that number differs from the national average of 40%
  • Prioritizing new patient emergencies
  • How the average collections per exam differs between exam types

353: An Inch Wide and a Mile Deep – with Kevin Rossen Part 1

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Kevin RossenNothing can tell a clear story as well as big data. This episode of the Dentalpreneur Podcast comes from Kevin Rossen’s presentation at the Advanced Analytics Think Tank. As the founder and CEO of Divergent Dental, he has cut his teeth diving deep into the numbers that make practices successful. Recently, Kevin ran a some big data studies, and he shares a few insights with us today.

During his presentation, Kevin discusses:

  • Numbers that top practices hit consistently
  • Getting better at getting paid
  • Finding your optimal growth rate
  • Who the hardest patients to reappoint are
  • Strategies for getting these patients reappointed

352: Street Vendor Sales Skills

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morning routineJoin me during part of my morning routine on my trip to Cabo San Lucas. One piece of my morning practice is to create, and today I did that in the form of a podcast. Listen in as I reflect on an inspiring interaction I had with a very skilled salesman in the open market in downtown Cabo.

During the episode I discuss:

  • The energy of the street market
  • How the struggle to find a bathroom led to the highlight of my trip
  • The application of sales in dentistry