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311: One Geek’s Perspective

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What’s a new patient? Dentists often talk about how many new patients they get. But, are we all getting the same thing? Numbers geek, Kevin Rossen and I break down the many definitions of new patients on this addition of Metrics Monday.

During our time together Kevin and I discuss:

  • When is a reactivated patient a new patient and why
  • Tracking the number of new patients per provider
  • PPO and FFS offices’ differences in number of new patients and collections per new
  • Number of new patients as it pertains to case acceptance

310: Selling your Practice , Dentistry and Nachos Part 2

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Today we have a second helping of dental nachos from Dr. Paul Goodman. He keeps the laughs coming in part two of this presentation as he bounces between actionable content and real life stories about the craziness of dental practice transitions.

During part two of his presentation, Dr. Goodman discusses:

  • Why there is no MLS for dental practices
  • How emotions can affect the transition process
  • When and when not to be dentist cheap
  • Who you need on your transition team
  • What that transition team will cost
  • The 11 step process of acquiring a dental practice
  • Nacho tips for decreased annoyance

309: Selling your Practice , Dentistry and Nachos Part 1

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Dr. Dental Nachos brought down the house at the Dental Success Summit 2018. Today we’ll hear part one of his hilarious presentation. He had the house rockin as he covered everything from practice transitions to dental parenting school.

Dr. Goodman is a practice owner and broker in the Philadelphia area. He moderates a very vibrant Facebook group, Dental Nachos, and co-hosts the Dental Amigos Podcast.

During part one of his presentation, Dr. Goodman discusses:

  • Life’s milestones and the idea of dental parenting school
  • What having a dental practice and a three-year- old have in common
  • How unity and collaboration can increase the success of all dentists
  • The three things needed for a successful transition
    Transfer of Goodwill
  • Why practice brokers are potentially problematic

308: What’s your Blue Ocean?

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Dr. Jason CampbellToday I have the pleasure of sitting down with my good friend Dr. Jason Campbell. Dr. Campbell is the founder of Advanced Prosthetics Institute and a practicing dentist here is Prescott, AZ. His practice and institute are focused on providing advanced surgical care to patients with complex dental issues and attracting patients in need of such care with automated marketing techniques.

He always brings huge value to the show, and today is no different. Check out episodes 58, 71, 105, 108, and 192 if you’re interested in hearing more from Dr. Campbell.

During our time together today, we discuss:

  • Marketing bifunctional care to create a category of one
  • Recession proofing your office
  • Tactics for increasing production per chair hour
  • How to identify, track, and target potential patients
  • Three pieces of software needed for an effective, automated marketing campaign
  • How to expose your foundational principles through treatment planning

307: Value of Human Capitol

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Tactical Tuesday Overhead out of control? Don’t want to cut team salaries? No worries, during this addition of Tactical Tuesday I explain how you can get your overhead down to 55% while having the highest paid team in your area.

During this episode, I discuss:

  • Where to cut costs and where not to
  • Allocating dollars to your marketing budget
  • How to have the highest paid team in your area

306: The Epidemic of Cancellations and No-Shows

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Welcome back to Metrics Monday. So far, we’ve covered patient attrition (Ep. #296) and perio vs. prophy (Ep. #301 ). Pulling good data and defining your numbers is essential in order to achieve success in our industry.

As always on Metrics Monday we are going to break down one KPI and discuss why it matters, how to track it, and how to take action on it. On this addition, Kevin Rossen and I break down reappointment rate as it applies to both the hygiene and doctor columns.

During the episode, we discuss:

  • How we define reappointment rate
  • What is a good target percentage to shoot for
  • How reappointment rate is related to broken appointment rate
  • Common reasons for a low reappointment rate
  • Our patient reminder systems

305: Zero Fluff Money Talk with Reese Harper Part 2

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Reese HarperWelcome back to part two with Reese Harper. This is another dense one. Reese uses this half of the presentation to explain the rate of return you need on your net worth according to your total term, and the differences an extreme entrepreneur and more of a life-style guy will have in the way they create their financial freedom.

During this part two episode, Reese discusses:

  • The order in which you should spend your assets in retirement
  • The order in which you should build your assets
  • Why it’s more important to build liquidity than to pay down debt
  • Five key takeaways

304: Zero Fluff Money Talk with Reese Harper Part 1

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Do you have enough money for a secure retirement? Reese Harper, CEO of Dentist Advisors and longtime friend, is here to help you find out. This part one episode comes from his incredibly actionable presentation at the DSS 2018. Today, you’ll hear Reese talk about five things that, if applied correctly, lead to a 1.5M increase in net worth amongst dentists on average.

This episode is dense. You’ll hear Reese take the entire audience through the process of calculating how financially ready they are to retire. Grab a pen and notebook so you can follow along too!

During this part one episode, Reese discusses:

  • The Elements as they relate to financial planning
  • Average month spending amongst dentists
  • What Total Term means and why it matters
  • How to calculate your total term

303: Growth-Not Just for the Sake of Growth

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Dr. Naren ArulrajahToday we have a crossover episode with Dr. Naren Arulrajah of the Growing Dentist Podcast. Dr. Arulrajah is a fellow entrepreneur and the founder of, which hosts a ton of great resources for dentists looking to create a bigger future. We share many common sentiments including the importance of failure and belief that success does not happen in isolation.

During our time together, we discuss:

  • How to enjoy failure
  • The influence of Jim Collin’s concepts on our business philosophies
  • Technology’s expanding role in the dental industry
  • The beautiful sophistication behind Apple’s simplicity
  • Creating systems through visualization

302: How can you Maximize Revenue Swing?

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RevenueIn this addition of Tactical Tuesday we have a segment of the case study of Dr. Glen. Listen in as we identify some areas of opportunity for Dr. Glen and uncover how he can give himself a 322K raise in 12 months without producing any more dentistry.

During the case study, I discuss:

  • Revenue swing opportunities
  • Dr. Glen’s low hanging fruit
  • Why it’s OK to overspend on staff salaries
  • The balance of equity and cashflow