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Doc, You Inspire Me…

When I was sixteen years old I collided face first into the left field fence during my very first varsity baseball game. The accident left me with a fractured upper jaw, a mangled face and palate, avulsed tooth number eight, and badly broken teeth from six to eleven.

The road to repairing my jaw face and teeth was tedious and excruciating but left me with a deep respect and admiration for the dental profession. In a word, I was inspired by the team of dentists and dental specialists that restored my smile.

That single day changed the entire course of my life… and it was the first day in my journey into the profession of dentistry.

I know that you don’t hear it often enough, but what you do every day in your dental practice is amazing…

Successfully balancing a home life, the complexities of patient care and the management of business is more than the majority of the world can pull off.

You’ve defied the odds by obtaining an education more advanced than 95 percent of the world’s population.

What you are capable of achieving is absolutely limitless.

Of course, you’ll have those days where it seems that nothing goes right…

And the forces of the Universe are conspiring to keep you down…

BUT you’re the kind of person who has the character to overcome adversity and the tenacity to persist- regardless of the challenge.

Each day, no matter how tired or discouraged you happen to be, you put a smile on your face and greet each and every patient like an old friend. You consistently hone your skills, expand your suite of services and stay abreast of all of the new science and technology that supports our profession. And you do all of this because you truly desire to help others and to make a difference in your community and the world.

Take a moment to look at your patients and how you’ve helped them grow in confidence and how you’ve helped them to live healthier lives.

Your physical reach may be local, but the ripple effect that you create transcends the community that you serve because each day, the people that you help go out into the world healthier, happier and more confident. That my friend, is a true gift.

YOU have the ability to create the business, income, freedom, lifestyle and security that you deserve.

On March 20-21, 2015, I will be assembling some of the best and brightest speakers of our profession for two powerful days of collaboration and learning. Each of the members of our panel have committed to hold nothing back… and to share only their best strategies and secrets.

As a member of this community, I’d like to invite you to take advantage of our “Super- Early Bird,” pricing of $700 off of the normal ticket price. For an extremely limited time, our ticket price will be $297 for doctors and $197 for non-dentist team members.

This event sold-out last year so don’t delay, reserve your spot today!

The Dental Success Summit 2015 is the opportunity to collaborate with the leaders of our profession… together we CAN make a REAL difference 🙂

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Committed to your success,

Mark Costes, DDS
Founder, Dental Success Institute
Founder, Horizon Schools of Dental Assisting
Author, Pillars of Dental Success

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One Response to “ Doc, You Inspire Me… ”

  1. Jack P. says:

    I see that it is time for the summit. I cant wait to see all the great speakers that will be there this year. Nice work on getting this together. 🙂