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I’m a Junkie

I have to come clean about something… I’m a junkie.

My obsession with personal development, entrepreneurship, and elite performance began in my teens.

At sixteen years old, I stumbled across an old beat up copy of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and I’ve been hooked ever since.

What started with a single book evolved into the continuous consumption of audio tapes, VHS tapes, CDs, DVDs, seminars, workbooks, teleseminars, webinars, and any other mode of content delivery that you can imagine.

Over the past few years, technology has definitely changed the way that we are all consuming our information. BUT the bottom line is: great information is great information- regardless of the format of delivery.

I’ve found that constantly exposing my mind to positive, fresh and actionable ideas has led to every breakthrough in my personal and business life.

Useful content has never been more accessible for the busy professional. You can find nearly every book in audio form at or You can get almost any book ever printed on and delivered directly to your door within 24 hours. You can find a how-to tutorial or motivational video clip within seconds on YouTube. And now, you can listen to a Podcast on just about any topic at your leisure through your computer or smart phone.

This past weekend  I was interviewed on one of my favorite podcasts, The Solopreneur, hosted by Michael O’Neal. The Solopreneur Podcast is heard by over 250,000 PEOPLE each month from over 100 countries.

Even though the business podcast arena is getting pretty cluttered, this one stands out because of Michael’s  casual and entertaining style. Every episode is packed with actionable information and resources… and the best part is, it’s completely free!

If you’d like to listen to my interview with Michael, just click below.

Click Here to Listen to the Interview

Enjoy the interview and have a great week!


All the best,

Mark Costes, DDS
Founder, Dental Success Institute
Founder, Horizon Schools of Dental Assisting
Author, Pillars of Dental Success

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One Response to “ I’m a Junkie ”

  1. Monty W. says:

    Wow, fantastic blog format! You seem to have this blog going in the right direction. Technology has helped you as I can see and reaching more people is always valuable. Nice Work !!