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Scary Numbers You Should Know

Dear Doctor,

There is a really interesting article that came out in October 2011 issue of DentalTown magazine.  Let me share some of these statistics with you… they affect all of us within the dental profession.

Total number of General Dentists (as of 2010):  150,043

Total number of Dental Specialists (as of 2010): 37,241

Total number of Dental Schools in the U.S.( as of 2010): 61

Total number of Dental School Applicants per year (as of 2008): 12,178

Total number of Dental School Graduates per year (as of 2008): 4,796

I have a close friend who is on the admissions committee of one of the dental schools here in Arizona. According to him, we should expect to see new dental schools opening in the states of California, Missouri, and Florida within the next couple of years.  So expect the total number of schools to go up to 64.

Let’s analyze these statistics for a moment. Each year almost 5,000 new dentists hit the streets looking for work. The retirement age for dentists has steadily been creeping up because so many have lost huge chunks of their retirement savings and equity in their homes over the past few years. Dentists attempting to sell their practices in order to use the proceeds to retire have found that lending restrictions have made it very difficult for buyers to get financed.

More dental schools, more applicants, more graduates, less retirees, it all adds up to each of us getting a little smaller slice of the pie.

It’s time to start thinking of ways to differentiate yourself from the other dentists within your area. It’s time to change your paradigm of income generation. It’s time to hedge against the impending flood of new dentists into your community.

Opening your own in office dental assisting school will give you the extra income that will allow you to step away from the chair more often while allowing you to dramatically increase cash flow and aggressively save for retirement.

You owe it to yourself to give this a second look.

Mark Costes, DDS

P.S. If you are interested in learning more about opening your own In-Office Dental Assisting School, simply email with your name and practice address and our team will check your territory’s availability. Or you can call our curriculum coordinator, Ashlee at (888) 293-7436.

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3 Responses to “ Scary Numbers You Should Know ”

  1. Alex says:

    Are there territories available in my area?

  2. Michael P. says:

    I am interested in your dental assisting school

  3. James B. DDS says:

    Please leave info about my territory. I believe I am now ready to utilize your program and start in my area. It all sounds so interesting and I am truly dedicated 2 serving the community and developing skills in this area. If someone could call me or email me about specifics such as price of the program, Dental laws, etc it would be appreciated. I can be reached at the office. Thank you, Dr. B.