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Shave Decades Off Your Retirement Timeline

From 1994 to 1997 I was rejected 20 times by various dental schools before finally getting accepted on the 21st attempt.

Following dental school, in the first seven years of my dental career, I was able to build six very successful dental practices.

How was this possible?

Did I posses some knowledge or intelligence that other dentists don’t have? Definitely not.

Did I have a wealthy family who bank-rolled the operation? A resounding NO to that one too… in fact, while in undergrad, I worked a full time forty-hour week and paid for 100 percent of my tuition and expenses. The crushing schedule took a toll on my GPA and left me with an average dental school application.

Fortunately, one dental school admissions committee recognized my persistence and decided to take a chance on me. It was a blessing, a stroke of luck, that changed the trajectory of my life forever.

So back to the question…

How was a 20 time reject to dental school who didn’t come from a wealthy background able to build a multiple practice empire?

The simple answer is this: I made more mistakes than anyone else.

I failed faster, corrected course, got myself up, and tried again and again and again…

I attended events, found coaches and mentors and surrounded myself with people much smarter than me.

This June marks the fourteenth year of my dental career and in that time I’ve been sidelined twice with major spine surgeries. But never during my months of physical rehab did I experience a drop in my level of income.

Because of what I’ve learned about creating a systematized dental business I’ve been able to design a business independent of my own two hands. I know now that even if I never pick up a handpiece again for the rest of my life, my family will be taken care of.

For me, that knowledge has created a level of peace that is indescribable, and I want that for you.

On June 3, 2016 in Auckland., New Zealand and on June 10, 2016 in Sydney, Australia at Dental Success Summit 2016, I’ll be uncovering the formula that can help any dentist to immediately increase the order and profitability of their dental practice.

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It’s time to surround yourself with the people and resources that can take your business and life to the next level. None of us can do this alone.

Look forward to meeting you in June!

Committed to Your Success,

Mark Costes, DDS
Founder, Dental Success Institute
Founder, Horizon Schools of Dental Assisting
Author of the #1 International Bestselling Book, Pillars of Dental Success
Host, The Dentalpreneur Podcast

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  1. Derick K. says:

    I really like how you never gave up and continued on with what you wanted to do. Thats says a lot about a persons character. Nice work doctor on sharing this