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Patients want more treatment options for sleep apnea besides CPAP machines.

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This Marketing Kit includes everything that you need to have your own successful patient educational seminar/open house!  Included is a 40 page marketing guidebook ensuring that you have plenty of seminar attendees. A complete editable PowerPoint will guide you through the seminar selling your sleep apnea program for you. Sample marketing material is included as well.  We’ve even included a video of us giving an actual seminar; how to set the room up, etc. This whole system is designed to be delegated, with detailed Checklists!  There are detailed checklists to walk your team through every step of the process. So there you have it, Delegate, and watch the new patients seeking out your niche services roll into your practice!

All this great info is delivered on  USB drive for greater portability and versatility.

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