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[Video] The Crucial but Neglected Details

As practice owners there is always too much to do and  too few hours to get it done.

We all know that there is a long list of tedious tasks that if performed on a daily basis could make a huge positive impact on the practice.  Unfortunately, these simple but time consuming tasks are  often swept under the rug because you and the entire team are just too busy to get them done.

Tasks like sending out birthday and special occasion cards; making post-op calls; calling overdue recall patients; organizing and facilitating a referral generation or patient reactivation campaign…

Collectively, finding a way to get all of these tasks done on a regular basis could be a total game changer for your practice yet so few dentists know the right way to get them accomplished.

To find out how, watch this quick video…

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Enjoy the video and have a great week!

All the best,

Mark Costes, DDS
Founder, Dental Success Institute
Founder, Horizon Schools of Dental Assisting
Author, Pillars of Dental Success

P.S. If you’d like to chat with me personally about any pressing challenge you are facing in your practice right now, simply reply to this email with your name and contact info and my team will set up a call right away!

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2 Responses to “ [Video] The Crucial but Neglected Details ”

  1. Leon K. says:

    I would have to agree that the simple time consuming tasks do take up all my time. It seems like a never ending battle, so I did get an assistant and things are looking up. Thanks for the much needed advice.

  2. Patricia A. says:

    You bring up great points about the little things that always seem to get missed. If you happen to set up a schedule for these to be done, then you wouldn’t have to worry so much. Its always the little things that will get you down.