Are You Ready to Finally Jump off of the Hours for Dollars Hamster Wheel?

In Two Power-Packed Days, You’ll Get the No-Nonsense Formula for Creating a Systems Driven Practice that will Dramatically Increase Your Income, Efficiency and time AWAY from the Dental Chair!

Dental Success Summit Dental Success Summit Dental Success Summit Dental Success Summit Dental Success Summit Dental Success Summit
Dental Success Summit

Hey Doc,

If you’re truly serious about turning your dental practice into an organized, effective and profitable business (Yes, your dental practice is supposed to be run like a business) beyond all limiting factors that may be stifling your growth, then PLEASE take a few minutes to read this URGENT and TIME SENSITIVE message because it directly affects you and the future of your practice.


If you haven’t noticed, the days of being able to “Hang up your shingle,” and watch patients roll in the door are gone forever. Markets throughout the United States and the world are more cluttered and competitive than any other time in history.


Make no mistake- your competition is sophisticated, well funded and relentless. And even if you haven’t already felt the effects of their presence, you soon will. Unless you have an intentional and plan of attack, you’re practice stands a good chance of flat-lining, withering and dying a slow and painful death.

THE BIGGEST Misconception of Practice Success

I have the unique privilege of being able to speak with hundreds of dentists each and every month from all over the world. The universal misconception that dentists have is that increasing their clinical skills and suite of services will directly lead to financial success.

While this is definitely part of the equation, focusing solely on refining clinical ability while neglecting the basic fundamentals of business will lead to an underperforming practice that will eventually fail.

Today’s dental “consumer” could care less about the about how many C.E. hours that you completed last year, how many certificates that you have hanging on the wall, or how many letters that you have after your name.

We Were NEVER Taught This STUFF!

The dental school curriculum is designed to provide us with the science and basic skills for life as a clinical dentist… and I’m sure most of you will agree that four short years was barely enough time to acquire the rudimentary skills necessary to practice dentistry in the real world.

The traditional mindset that is still being perpetuated in the dental schools today is that if you work hard, refine your skill set and become the best clinical dentist that you can be, the patients will come and the business side of things will take care of itself.

Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth and this way for thinking has led to the financial demise of countless gifted, well trained and well intentioned dentists who have ended up struggling financially for their entire careers.

There is Some Good News...

I honestly believe that if you ditch the victimhood mentality that has gripped so many private practice dentists and make a conscious decision to take the actions necessary to truly compete in this new economy, a brand new world of limitless opportunity can open up for you.

See, there are dentists out there who are really making it happen! They’re doing well, really well. They are changing lives every day and they are actually getting compensated what they are worth.

They are a select group of dentists that own extremely profitable practices. They’re living their passion and take several weeks off per year providing missionary dentistry and doing things that they enjoy with their loved ones.

  • They don’t have a patient acquisition problem
  • They get quality referrals every day
  • They are well known in their communities as the local dental authority
  • They live a balanced life between work, service and play
  • And they get paid for the value that they bring to the world

At the Dental Success Summit 2016, you’ll get access to them and their systems and strategies that have made them the best in their communities and the dominant players in their local markets.

Here are just a few of the Practice Building Strategies that will be revealed at the Dental Success Summit 2016...

For the Doctors:

  • How to design and execute a plan to create a systems driven practice that will run smoothly and profitably with or without your presence
  • The exact formula for tracking overhead, cash flow and profitability
  • How to predictably attract more (and better) patients that will increase income and profitability with less stress
  • How to shave years (and sometimes decades) off of your retirement timeline
  • How to immediately eliminate the “Primadonna Syndrome” and create a culture of excellence
  • How to integrate a systematic method for obtaining the highest quality referrals from your patient base and from the leaders within your community
  • How to attract, screen and hire an “All Star” team (Get our entire 10 step hiring process)

For the Team:

  • How to create an environment of mutual respect, cooperation and fun
  • How to build a culture of accountability and motivation
  • How to support patients in their treatment planning decisions
  • How to energize team effort to reach practice benchmarks
  • How to implement the essentials of constructive communication
  • How to motivate your team to deliver patients the highest quality care

Dental Success Summit 2016 Speakers

Introducing the All-Star Speaker Lineup
featured at the Dental Success Summit 2016 ...

Dr. Brady Frank

Dental Success Summit

The New Paradigms for Improving Satisfaction and Profitability in Your Dental Practice
Over the last several years, Dr. Brady Frank has owned and managed several successful dental practices. He has become a renowned speaker to the dental profession in the areas of practice transitions, multiple practice locations and implant dentistry. During his presentation at the Dental Success Summit, Dr. Frank will discuss what it takes to create a successful single or multiple office practice.

Some of the topics of discussion will include:

  • How the GP can create an implant practice with their general practice.
  • The strategies behind the “Entrepreneurial Satellite Practice.”
  • The 5-minute implant, abutment, and crown procedure
  • How to easily perform 5 flapless, suturesless, no bone grafting implant placement techniques.

Dr. Aaron Nicholas

Dental Success Summit

Extreme Practice Efficiency:
How to Consistently Double Your Practice's Scheduled Production

Dr. Aaron Nicholas has been the owner, manager and lead dentist of Nicholas Dental Care in Burtonsville, MD since 1988. After graduation in 1987 from the University of Maryland Dental School, Dr. Nicholas founded his office and proceeded to build it up to a busy nine operatory practice. He and his staff have attended hundreds of hours of professional development courses, both clinical and non-clinical. Dr. Nicholas keeps abreast of current research of clinical and operational management practices and implements them within his own practice. He is a well regarded author and speaker to the dental profession and his topics include clinical and management efficiency in the dental office.

In his inspiring presentation, Dr. Nicholas will uncover:

  • The simple but often overlooked system for getting paid 100% of what your office produces.
  • The complete protocol for setting up an operatory the right way... quickly and efficiently-every time.
  • How to deliver predictable, painless and profound anesthesia.
  • How to complete a molar RCT/BU/PFM in less than an hour.
  • How to streamline your extraction process in less time for you, and less trauma to the patient.

Jason Campbell

Dental Success Summit

Big Profits In Complex Care
Dr. Campbell’s practice is in a specialized niche of dentistry, focusing on complex care issues. He has created a business model that supports a prosthetic practice. Dr. Campbell will discuss some of the barriers he has had to overcome to make his practice the successful multimillion dollar business that it is. Dr. Campbell shares his personal interest in treating patients that are suffering from complex dental issues and how he has incorporated the successful systems to accommodate these cases. Dr. Campbell has founded the Advanced Prosthetics Institute to teach other dentists how to treat these highly specialized cases and incorporate them into a their practices. As a result of Dr. Campbell’s persistent pursuit of his ideal practice, he now has a lucrative practice, happy staff and an overhead of averaging below 50%!

Dr. Jason Lowry

Dental Success Summit

The PPO Profitability Formula
Jason Lowry is a general dentist in Kingman, AZ. He has a passion for helping other dentists to find their niche in dentistry and capitalize on said niche. He is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantolgists. Dr. Lowry is the founder of Catalyst Dental, providing unique marketing strategies to attract dental patients.

Dr. Lowry will discuss:

  • how to embrace the success mindset.
  • how to not only survive, but thrive in a PPO environment.
  • the 3 things you must do to be successful in an insurance driven practice.
  • learn the step by step instructions for burning your ships. This is a must!

Other Speakers

Vincent Cardillo

Demystifying the Multiple
Practice Model

Dr. Jonathan Afshari

Maximizing Profit with
Extreme Overhead Efficiency

Dental Success Summit 2016

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