True Dental Success Institute
Dr. Mark Costes

You will discover in the compelling video:

  • Effective approaches to finding and attracting your Ideal patient.
  • How to craft a successful ad that doubles response and new patient appointments.
  • The most effective strategies to help you finally get expenses under control and boost profits.
  • The secret to developing systems that will skyrocket your income and productivity while allowing you to spend more time away from the office.

Most dentists have just skirted around the edges of marketing dentistry. Everyone wants a solution that sets sail successfully the first time.

A strong, consistent, proactive connective communication strategy is the only way for marketing your dental office seas. The following are marketing strategies for dentists that will increase new patient numbers.

Say less about dental services and focus more on your dental expertise. If you say the same things every other dentist is saying, you will be like a parrot squawking and hawking a generic, creativity lacking-image. Consumers will never see the value in your expertise if you list the same dental services your competition does.

Aviod Irrelevance with Real Dental Branding. First, dental logos are not brands. They are brand elements. Completely transform your brand like you want your patients to transform their smiles. You no longer work on teeth. Currently, consumers see teeth in your brand when price, low value, and dental insurance are still magnets. With effective brand development, the consumer will know you see THEM. Then the focus is not on their teeth, which have less value to them. They are not their teeth, their mouths or even their smiles. Create a brand around your dentistry expertise and the value you offer PEOPLE. Tooth and toothbrush logos, too much focused on discounts and the like are grounds for dismissal in this tight market. Branding prevents dental expertise irrelevance. Quit degrading your value.